Thursday, May 12, 2016

I was hoping that this month we would be graced with beautiful baby kittens from our BAFINI Jasmine (Rebecca) and our stunning BAFINI Blue Moon(Charleston, but we tend to call him Blue Boy :) ). They have mated multiple times, and yet still no kittens. I have become frustrated and sad with them not producing kittens, but I had to take a step back and think logically about this. First, Persians are late developers. The males, can and often times, take up two years to be able to mat properly. Fingers crossed that this will not be the case with my boy. If, this does become the case, Rebecca will be bred with a stud, from a very reputable breeder in the area. So I promise you all, we will have kittens by the fall! So stay tuned, and thanks for being so patient, your patience will pay off  with a beautiful, quality kitten:)

A side note, our Caroline, our brown tabby, has come into heat and she will be ready to have a liter of her own soon as well. She will be bred to a stud as well if blue boy is not able to mat at this time. So two liters of kittens, it will be busy around here come fall.