Sunday, September 25, 2016

First Labor and Delivery for Rebecca and I :
Saturday Sept. 24th started like any other New England Fall weekend, sun coming through the bedroom window, with a hint of frost on the glass,that would soon be gone with the fall morning sun. Then being greeted by all the of the furry family at the bedroom landing as they always are each morning, and we go down for coffee, but one thing was different, Rebecca was not meowing for food like the others were and as she always did. Today was the day! Kitten due date! I just knew it. We rushed around doing our chores, and I could not get home fast enough to attend to her. We waited all afternoon, and around 7:30pm, Rebecca went into labor. It was a shock to both of us, as a virgin queen and this being my first liter, we went into this together, and after a long night, with her last kitten born at 3:30 am, we are all rested, and doing well. Two beautiful babies have been born, a Calico that I am calling Eleanor, and a red and white boy who I call Clemetine. Please see kitten page for pictures. Hope you all had a great weekend as well! Back to the nursery for us now!