Below is a list of websites/links for information on Persians, owning a persian, health concerns in persians, and just general information on persians.

1. This is a pay for site, but full of information on persians. Whenever I have a question this is my first go to. There is information from grooming to breeding and everything in between, well worth the annual fee.

2. Breed Standard per CFA:

3. Grooming a Persian: a very  basic review of grooming. Show grooming involves much more. If you would like to know more about show grooming, and how to make your pet persian look like a show cat please email me for further information.

4. Health Concerns in Persians:

5. List of Supplies that I use, and may be helpful to a new Persian Owner:
-Brushes- I prefer the Chris Christensen wide tooth comb for daily grooming, and a medium pin brush for fluffing the coat after bathing and a full comb out.
-Degreaser- This a very import element of the persian grooming process. I use Groomers Goop paste.
-Dryers- I use the Metro two speed dryer. I found mine on Amazon but sure they are sold elsewhere. I find that using this dryer makes the drying process easier, and fluffs the coat nicely.
-Eye Wash- I use Eye Envy products, daily eye cleaner, and their powder to help prevent stains.
-Nail Clippers
-Shampoo and Conditioners- I use the Chris Christensen line of products and Jerob brand.
-General Supplies such as liter boxes, liter( I use Dr. Elsy's cat liter I find it helps with odors and clumps nicely), Scratching posts, and toys.

This is just a short list of information on persian cats and their care. I do not have rights to these articles, and they are general information that I have found helpful on the internet. I also do not endorse any information and or products that I use and find helpful. Please review and interpret the information provided in your  own manner. If you have questions about the articles please contact the author of the article.

As I find more websites, and information to share I will be updating this page.

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